Sacred Liturgy

The Liturgy and Its Power of Spiritual Transformation

Conference held at the Sacred Liturgy Conference 2018, Salem (Oregon) June 30, 2018 What is Liturgy, sacred liturgy? The Tradition and the Magisterium of the Holy Church left us admirable words on the essence and the true meaning of the … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Tradition and Liturgy – Bishop Athanasius Schneider

 Bishop Schneider defines liturgy, Scripture, and Sacred Tradition, and shows how they all are essentially dependent on one another. He teaches how to evaluate which magisterial teachings must be believed. The bishop uses quotations from St. Augustine of Hippo, St. … Continue reading

The Sacredness of the Liturgy in the Witness of the Tradition

Awareness of God’s deep holiness must be the first attitude in Christian worship. From it there ought to flow quite naturally external gestures of adoration, such as bows, prostrations, and silence, expressive of deep awe and reverence. The most authoritative … Continue reading