Schneider Tapes Part 1: “Kyrie Eleison”

This is Tape #1 of 10 tapes in which Bishop Schneider reflects on his three-week trip to the United States in October 2021, and the meaning of his episcopal motto. Originally appeared in Inside the Vatican.

Bishop Schneider Warns of ‘Growing’ Communist Culture in West

 Bishop Athanasius Schneider warned of a growing “spirit of communism” in the West as he spoke about the COVID crisis and ‘vaccine’ mandates, as well as the state of the Church. Originally appeared on LSNTV’s youtube channel.

The Importance of the Angels in Our Time

 Bishop Athanasius Schneider ORC speaks about the importance of the Angels in our time and how to collaborate with our Guardian Angel in daily life. Originally appeared on Order of the Cannons Regular of the Holy Cross, USA youtube channel.