The Liturgy and Its Power of Spiritual Transformation

Conference held at the Sacred Liturgy Conference 2018, Salem (Oregon) June 30, 2018 What is Liturgy, sacred liturgy? The Tradition and the Magisterium of the Holy Church left us admirable words on the essence and the true meaning of the … Continue reading

The Church on Earth and Its Essentially Militant Characteristics

When there is no battle, there is no Christendom. When there is no battle, there is no true Church of God, no true Catholic Church.The Second Vatican Council teaches us: “The whole of man’s history has been the story of … Continue reading

The Apostolic See as the Cathedra of Truth

The Fourth Ecumenical Council of Constantinople taught: “In the Apostolic See the Catholic religion has always been preserved unblemished, and sacred doctrine been professed. … in it all true strength of the Christian religion is found” (From the formula of … Continue reading

Catholic Faith and Martyrdom

“Be faithful unto the death and I will give you the crown of the life” (Apoc 2:10). These words of Our Lord are a holy task for every Christian. To be faithful, means to keep the faith, which infused in … Continue reading