Bp. Schneider: There’s a ‘basic error’ in Vatican documents on ‘material cooperation’ with abortion-tainted vaccines

‘We have to give again the primacy to the eternal life which we have so largely forgotten in recent decades,’ Bishop Schneider. We have never seen such controversy among very good people about abortion tainted vaccines. Ever more churchmen are justifying … Continue reading

A Schneider Response to Open Letter

Nur-Sultan, April 21, 2021 To Presidents Mirco Agerde, Gianfranco Amato, Antonio Brandi, Giorgio Celsi, Francesco Fontana, Giovanni Formicola, and Massimo Viglione Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear Sirs, The moral chaos that now seems to be imposing itself on the world, … Continue reading

Open Letter

To His Excellency, Most Reverend Athanasius Schneider Titular Bishop of Celerina Auxiliary Bishop of Mary Most Holy in Astana Your Excellency, Many people around the world have read your Excellency’s address of 19 February 2021, titled Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, … Continue reading