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Rorate Caeli Interview: Bishop Athanasius Schneider SSPX; Women and Foot Washing; Consecrating Russia; Anti-Pastoral Bishops and Much More

In this wide-ranging interview, His Excellency thoughtfully expounded on issues critical to the Church in this great time of crisis. Read the entire interview so you don’t miss His Excellency’s thoughts on the current status of the SSPX, women’s participation in the Mass … Continue reading

One Peter Five: Words of Encouragement From Our Contemporary Athanasius

While it is true that other bishops and cardinals are even now defending Our Lord’s truth, Bishop Schneider is, like his namesake saint, a uniquely strong voice crying out among the bishops of the world addressing clearly, courageously, and unequivocally … Continue reading

Catholic Voice: Interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Your Excellency, the Instrumentum Laboris  for the 2015 Synod states that there is a “common accord” [c’è un comune accordo] in favour of a “penitential way” for the divorced and remarried ” under the authority of the Bishop, for the faithful … Continue reading

Life Site News: Bishop Schneider, Church Faces ‘Great Crisis’ as She’s Tempted to Conform to the ‘New Paganism’

LONDON – The Catholic Church is living through a “great crisis” of belief and practice, facing a “new paganism” comparable to the first centuries of the Church, and in which many priests and bishops are actively collaborating, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary … Continue reading

Rorate Caeli: Bishop Athanasius Schneider in England: The Full Interview Liturgy, Family, the Great Crisis of the Church “Thanks be to God the Internet exists”

[The Bishop begins the interview with an insight on what is the deepest wound of the Crisis of the Church:] Bishop Athanasius Schneider: ‘To my knowledge and experience, the deepest wound in the actual crisis of the Church is the Eucharistic … Continue reading